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Education remains one of the tools for national and economic development. However, a research finding revealed evidence regarding the demand and supply of tertiary education that out of millions of candidates applying for admission every year in Nigeria, only about 5.2% to 15.3% get admitted, meaning that about 84.7% to 94.8% of the candidates are not admitted. The research recognized the problem of carrying capacity; infrastructural/facilities deficiencies; inadequate finance; economic constraints; labour market failure (low absorptive capacity of the economy; and problem of curriculum and curriculum delivery). This is why we are positioned to provide access to the students who are denied admission and those who are seeking admissions into higher institutions without (JAMB) to also have qualitative education, entrepreneurship, vocational skills and information and Communication Technology. The world economy today is gradually moving from knowledge-based to skills and ICT driven, this it is imperative for a serious nation to embrace skills/ICT driven economy if such nation will survive and compete favorably with global economic trend. This is evident in Nigeria when the Federal Government directed all Polytechnics to include skills acquisition and ICT in their curricular. It is as a result of this ACESA centre is also established to prove an all-inclusive skills and ICT education to complement the regular Polytechnic efforts in this direction.

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In this centre, candidates have the opportunity of obtaining multiple certifications in addition to National Diploma (ND) accredited programmes only at the end of a two-year programme on daily part time basis within the main campus..

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    Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic Eruwa, Oyo State
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